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Front of House (A System)

Stereo four(4) way

Two(2) NEXO NX-242 Processors

Twelve(12) NEXO ALPHA M3 Mid/High Enclosures

Two(2) NEXO ALPHA M8 Mid/High Enclosures

Sixteen(16)NEXO ALPHA B1 Bass Enclosures

Nine(9) NEXO ALPHA S2  Sub-Bass Enclosures

CAMCO Vortex6 Powered

Six(6) NEXO X-Bow Rigging Systems (3 wide/3 deep)


Front of House-CONSOLE (A System)

DigiDesign Venue PROFILE 48in/24out

300' Quad Core Digital Snake

Ramtech Analog Splitter System with CPC.

LUCID GENx192 Master Clock

Front of House (Line Array Speaker System)

Martin W8LM Line Array System (8 elements/Side)

Martin WS218X Sub Elements (3/Side)

CAMCO Vortex6 Powered

Dolby Lake Processing

Monitors-WEDGE (A Monitor System)

Ten(10) Discrete mixes 

Ten(10) Clair 12AM Monitor Enclosures 

Two(2) Clair Q5000 5ch bi-amped mix Racks

Four(4) Clair ML18 Subs

Monitors-WEDGE (B Monitor System)

Four(4) Discrete mixes (CAMCO Powered)

Two(2) MARTIN LE1200 12" Mirrored Monitor Enclosures

Two(2) MARTIN LE1500 15" Mirrored Monitor Enclosures

Two(1) MARTIN LE2100 2x12" Monitor Enclosures

Monitors-CONSOLE (A Monitor System)

Digidesign SC48

Other Digital Console

Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Console

Yamaha M7CL-32

Microphone Complement

(8) Shure BETA58

(3) Shure BETA57

(12) Shure SM57

(20) Shure SM58

(5) Shure BETA87C

(1) AKG 535

(1) Shure KSM9

(1) Audix VX-10 

(2) Shure BETA91 Condenser Mic (Plate)

(1) Shure SM91 Condenser Mic (Plate)

(1) Sennheiser E602 Kick Mic

(2) Sennheiser E609 Guitar Mics

(2) Sennheiser E906 Guitar Mics

(2) Sennheiser E614 Condenser Mics

(1) Beyer M88

(4) Audix D4 

(6) Audix D2 

(2) Audix D6

(2) Audix SCX-One

(10) Shure Beta98

(2) Shure Beta52

(2) AKG C414

(2) AKG C2000 Large Condensor Mics

(2) SHURE KSM-32

(2) SHURE KSM-27

(2) DPA 3521 Piano Mic System


24 - Colorado 1W LED Fixtures

4 - 10' Global Truss Section

2 - 8' Global Truss Section

ZERO88 FAT Frog Lighting Controller

Power Distribution

         (2) Pro Power Three Phase 225amp Power Distribution

Single Phase 120amp Power Distribution

100' 3ph 2/0 Feeder cable w/camlocks

100' 3ph #4 Feeder cable w/camlocks

40' #2 Three Phase Entertainment Grade Feeder w/camlocks, bare

50' #2 Feeder cable w/camlocks

40' #4 Three Phase Entertainment Grade Feeder w/camlocks, bare

50' #4 Feeder cable w/camlocks

10' #2 Three Phase Entertainment Grade Feeder w/camlocks, bare

8' #4 Single Phase Entertainment Grade Feeder pigtail w/camlocks,clamps


Countryman Direct Boxes

Horizon passive Stereo Direct Boxes

Whirlwind passive Stereo Direct Boxes

Yamaha DM1000 Digital Console (w/meter bridge)

(4) AKG 4000 Series UHF Dynamic Wireless Mics/Beltpacks/Lapels/Headset

(8) Shure UR Series w/SM58 heads and Antenna Distro

K&M Mic Stands

Two Channel Production Systems Intercom

Two Channel Telex Intercom

1 Set Anchor Audio Wireless Intercom with Clear-Com Interface

(6) Motorola Radios with Charger and Clear-Com Interface

(4) MARTIN F10 Front Fills

(2) MARTIN F12 Out Fills


Two(2) Coffing 1Ton/3ph Chain motors with 60' of Star Grade Chain 


100KW(125KVa) 3Ph Generator on 14' Trailer

175KW(200KVa) 3Ph Generator on 18' Trailer

Other Available Equipment


Additional Claire 12AM Wedges

MARTIN Intelligent Lighting

Elation Intelligent Lighting

Robe Intelligent Lighting